Area: Civil, Notary, Litigation and Arbitration


NIETO & NIETO has worked hand in hand with the Telecommunications sector throughout its development both in El Salvador and in the Region. Our specialized team has experience in the field of Telecommunications and Technology. The Advice under innovative strategies and the use of technological tools allow our clients to achieve their objectives within the territory. We strive to add value through the correct analysis and execution of strategies for Business Development. Nowadays, the use of Apps (Software) obligates us to cover the legal loopholes of law through the best legal advice provided by our specialized team.

Our Services:

  • Complete Management of Licenses and Authorizations for Telephone companies
  • Acquisitions of Technological Equipment subject to Registration
  • Concession of Public Services
  • Development of Technological Entrepreneurship and APPS, advising them in all areas since the creation of the company, Creation of Use Policies and Security Policies among others, Consumer Protection, Intellectual Property, Inspection, etc.
  • Establishment and Legal Advice of Call Centers
  • Legal Advice to the Media and Advertising Companies
  • Full Legal Advice on Regulatory issues before the Different Entities and Authorities
  • Interconnection Contracts with Suppliers and Operators
  • Mergers and Acquisitions of Companies in the Sector