Area: Corporate, Banking and Finance


NIETO & NIETO has developed together with its clients a diversity of projects in the construction industry. We have assisted from the analysis of the viability of the project, its respective financing to the execution of the works. Likewise, in the commercial area we have executed various contracts that have facilitated the leasing or sale of the premises of the projects.

Our Services:

  • Zoning and the Respective Permits
  • Verification of Status and Successive Tract of Transactions regarding the Ownership of Properties in the Respective Registries
  • Registrations in the Respective Registries
  • Management of all forms of Transfer on Real Estate
  • Management of all types of Liens on Real Estate
  • Development of Horizontal, Corporate, Tourist properties and Real Estate Condominiums including the elaboration of their respective Regulations
  • Advice on Urban, Financial, Tax, Planning, Development and Administration on Real Estate Projects
  • Construction Contracts
  • Insurance Management of all kinds on Property Titles, Projects in Development, Completed Constructions and Rural Properties
  • Taxes
  • Impact Management with the Project Site Communities and conflict Mitigation
  • Formalization of Agreements between the Client, Municipalities and Social interest Organizations or other Interested Third Parties
  • Occupational Health and Safety at the Project Sites and in their future Constructions
  • Anti-Money Laundering Management in Real Estate Operations
  • Home Insurance and Home fFnancing
  • Capital Market and Supervision Matters