Area: Intellectual Property, Sanitary Registration and Immigration


NIETO & NIETO offers an exceptional and quality service to all those foreigners who seek to work or have an interest in the country. Our clients are foreign employees, businessmen, executives or investors with interests in the country who require advice and management in immigration matters. We facilitate your mobility in a personalized way according to the needs of each situation.

Our Services:

  • Immigration Legal Advice and Legal Compliance
  • Obtaining and Renewing Work Permits, Temporary or Permanent Residence in the various categories, Business Visas, Single or Multiple exit Visa, Consulted Entry Visa, Passports and Exit Visa for Minors
  • Obtaining and Authenticating Certificates and Criminal Records
  • Cancellation of Residences or Visas
  • Extensions of Stay in the Country
  • Processes of Obtaining and Renunciation of Citizenship and Nationality