Area: Labor, Competition and Regulatory


NIETO & NIETO has promoted the protection of the environment in the businesses that our clients carry out. Striving to provide a multidisciplinary service to national and international clients, we use national and international trained people in solutions applicable to the matter.

Our Services:

  • Viability and Feasibility of Projects in the Interior Zones, Coastal Zones, and Seabed of the Country
  • Obtaining a Concession, Use and Exploitation of the Interior, Coastal and Seabed Areas of the Country
  • Obtaining Environmental Permits
  • Complete Management of Environmental Impact Studies
  • Legal Advice for Compliance with the Regulatory Framework at the Municipal and State levels in Environmental Matters
  • Natural Resources Exploitation
  • Representation in Administrative and Judicial Litigation in Environmental Matters
  • Complete Management in the Exploitation of Water Resources, Water and Waste Treatment.


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