Area: Civil, Notary, Litigation and Arbitration


NIETO & NIETO has represented its clients in various Consumer Protection Processes. The Law Firm works hand in hand with the companies of our clients so that they are in compliance with the Law and strict compliance with the policies and manuals that we elaborate for them. Thus, avoiding future controversies with their clients. We guarantee Business Law and Consumer Rights under the sphere of Fair Trade, Adequate Information and the correct Handling of Guarantees and Insurance.

Our Services:

  • Preparation of Policies and Manuals for Business Consumer Protection
  • Preparation of Contracts for Supplies and Services
  • Preparation of Guarantees and Insurance and their Respective Execution Processes
  • Legal Advice in Handling of Complaints by Clients and Internal Administrative Processes
  • Food Safety
  • Advice on the Maintenance of Accurate and Timely Information
  • Correct Labeling of Products
  • Legal Representation of Clients before the Competent Authorities in Administrative and Judicial Processes


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