Area: Labor, Competition and Regulatory


At NIETO & NIETO we provide solutions to our clients’ businesses in the areas of Aeronautics, Maritime Transportation and Land Transportation. From its financing to regulatory compliance. As well as companies related to this sector both in logistics, courier companies, in maintenance services and the purchase and sale of vehicles and spare parts.

Our services:

  • Procurement of Permits, Certifications and Regulatory Compliance for company operations.
  • Respective Due Diligence in the area of interest either by company or by market.
  • Mergers and Acquisitions Transactions with their respective Legal Opinions.
  • Leasing, subleasing, exchange and chartering of aircraft operations
  • Financing and their respective guarantees
  • General and Complete Advice to the different registries
  • Service Contracts in Logistics and Supplies
  • Contracts for Air, Maritime and Land Transport Services for both people and goods


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